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e-chains® News and Line Extensions 2012

the-chain for long travels

guidelite for simple guide requirements

Realize travel distances up to 150 m, cost effectively and quickly.

E2/000 rol e-chain® - long travels at a low price from stock

Realize energy-efficient and cost-effective long travels.

PPDS basic - Just switch off

Push/Pull force calculation as safety standard.

E4.1 roller - Just cut it out

Reduce drive power for moving energy chains - now also with the E4.1 standard kit

P4 - Save energy and space

Smallest radii for roller energy chain P4 - longest travel distances, even for small installation spaces.

guidefast - easy assembly

Cost effective energy supply for crane gantries and building cranes - quickly installed as a toolbox solution

e-chains® expert QC. 60

With the e-chains® expert QC.60, you can quickly and easily find appropriate e-chainsystems® specifically for your application

the-chain for vertical applications

e-spool® modular kit

The alternative to the cable drums - cable-friendly and guides various media safely.

liftband - Guide upward

Modular, silent, space saving - guide media, energy and data upward.

guidelok slimline F - quickly upward

No rattling and striking during lateral accelerations - safely guide up to heights of 50 m - now in new sizes.

e-spool® - Multi-Energy-Spool

The alternative to the cable drum - cable friendly and a secure guide for various media.

the-chain circular applications

Rotation modules - High stacking

Realize circular motions up to 900° and more, even for high loads, using igus® rotation modules.

the-chain multiaxis applications and robots

triflex® TRLF - quickly inserted

Faster filling of thick hoses and cables.

triflex® RSP - adjustable retrieval

Avoid loop formations at the robot wrist - now with continuously adjustable retract force.

the-chain for chip areas

Aluminum lid - Open Aluminium lids

Removable aluminum lids for the E4.1 system.

Chip-proof connecting elements - tight

Chip-proof connecting elements of energy tubes - "all-around" fastening and integrated C rails.

RX - afrom stock against hot chips

High temperature plastic version of the chip-proof RX-energy tubes from stock - 850°C in as little as 24 hrs.

the-chain with housing

micro flizz® - More

A system for data, media and signals in a new size - maintenance-free alternative to the conductor line.

the-chain for high dynamic applications

Growth in size

New width for R4.112.

Even larger

Extension of the successful E4.1 program.

Lower installation time

Simple tool - high benefit: Save time with new chain-opener for E4 and E6

E3 Connecting elements - Up, down, in front ... Whatever

Space saving "all-around" fastening for the highly dynamic E3 energy chains.

E61.52 - quiet, smooth-running,

Now also with 52 mm inner height - new generation of smooth-running cleanroom energy chains.

Series E4.38L - cost-effective

Extension of the E4.1 light program: Series E4.38L

the-chain in small and medium sizes

E2.15 - mini, open

Maximum variability with an energy chain - modular design lowers cost and increases options.

Product extension E2 micro - more choice

Extension to the product variety - new bending radii for more cable variety and space availability.

Product extension E2 mini - of small

Extension of product range - new radii for increased cable variety and space availability

the-chain endless circulating

c-chain® - continuously circulating from stock

Improved economics by standardization - toolbox of continuously revolving energy chains.

the-chain for special requirements

ESD/ATEX from stock

Permanently conductive energy chain ESD/ATEX - product range available within 24 hours.

Detectable e-chain® - detectable

Magnetically detectable plastic energy chain for the food and tobacco industries

the-chain for more possibilities

System E4 - universal, easy, cable friendly

Further interior separators to increase the service life of the cable by factor 4.

System E6 - new connecting elements

Further interior separators to minimize cable wear up to 75%

Award-winning igus® designs

"Design Oscars" for igus® products in the category "Industry Design"

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