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chainflex® high-end bus cable: CFBUS immediately available with 600V UL certification

With CFBUS, all standard Ethernet types such as Profinet, Ethercat or CC-Link IE can now be guided together with cables of a higher voltage

The new cables with 600V UL approval now enable the user to lay Ethernet cables in an e-chain without separator directly next to cables with a higher UL voltage level, offering tangible savings potential.  

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UL means "Underwriters Laboratories" and is an independent organisation in the USA. This organisation tests various products for their safety. With regard to cables, UL stipulates that all cables with different voltage classes in one cable guide must always be laid mechanically separated from one another. The new high-end 600V bus cables from chainflex® eliminate the need for this significant additional cost and effort.

Tech up  
Tech up

  • UL voltage of 300V doubled to 600V
  • Can be laid directly next to cables with the same voltage level
  • Reliably design cable service life online

Cost down  
Cost down

  • Need for additional separating elements between the cables in the chain eliminated, reducing costs by €2.10/m
  •  36-month guarantee



  • Saves resources thanks to predictable service life
  • igus supports the circular economy of plastics and is investing in chemical recycling

Ethernet cables with 600V UL certification

Or: what are the voltage levels available with UL?

UL has the voltage levels 30V, 300V, 600V and 1000V in industrial environments. Each level is predefined by the application.
With regard to fire protection, the safety requirements of UL in the country of origin, the USA, are much stricter than ours. Only appropriately tested products are awarded the UL verification mark. For cables, UL stipulates that all cables with different voltage classes and lying side by side must always be mechanically separated from each other. This can be achieved by using appropriate components such as separators in an energy chain.
Of course this involves a lot of effort and above all costs.  Using the energy chain as an example, one can say: "If all cables had the same voltage level, the cables would probably lie next to each other without mechanical separation. This makes processing easier and saves enormous costs.


The chainflex® test laboratory in Cologne is the focus of certification

UL verified: 36-month chainflex guarantee and service life calculation based on 2 billion test cycles per year

For many years, the technical requirements for energy chain systems have been increasing. Travels have become longer, movements quicker and bend radii smaller.  Core ruptures, jacket abrasion and corkscrews are the result. igus has risen to the challenge and developed cables that can withstand high mechanical stress chainflex cables.
As a consistent continuation of this technological claim, igus is, in 2020, the first European company to have its brand promise for chainflex cables validated by an external body. In a complex certification process, the US "Underwriters Laboratories" institute, confirmed the accuracy of the "igus® 36-month chainflex® cable guarantee and service life calculator based on two billion test cycles per year" promise. This makes igus the first company in Europe to have the veracity of its advertising statement confirmed by an internationally recognised testing institution.

chainflex magazine

chainflex magazine  

You can experience igus cables in moving applications in our chainflex magazine. Every application is described in detail and illustrated, so that you can easily see the added value for your individual requirements. Order your personal copy here.

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Harnessed UL bus cables

readycable overview  

Offering around 4,600 harnessed motor, servo, signal and encoder cables suitable for 24 manufacturer standards, igus is the world's No. 1 when it comes to harnessed cables for use in energy chains. Providing 7 different cable qualities, the range always offers the most cost-effective drive cable that is guaranteed to work.

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CF price check for bus cables

CF price check for bus cables  

Bus is the abbreviation for "Binary Unit System" and describes a system that is responsible for the data transmission between individual participants within a network. We are happy to take responsibility along with you and determine your individual savings potential for bus cables with the free chainflex Price Check - always with UL approval and 36-month guarantee.

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