New readycable® hybrid cables
suitable for Siemens drives with OCC

New assembled hybrid cables from igus save installation space and reduce construction costs

We are expanding our product portfolio with the new harnessed hybrid cables. In order to meet the increased requirements for your components to be connected, our new hybrid cables are the right choice. They can be manufactured with centimetre precision and offer significant savings potential in terms of installation space and construction costs due to the small bend radius. 

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With more than 4,600 drive cables, igus is now expanding its catalogue range, available at any time, with all its advantages (36-month guarantee, no minimum order quantity, no cutting charges, 7 different cable qualities, ready for connection as well as tested and approved, from 24 hrs). The harnessed hybrid cables suitable for Siemens consist of a servo cable for power transmission and an integrated encoder cable (also known as One Cable Connection/OCC).
As ready-to-connect readycable with low cabling requirements, they are ready for immediate use and are therefore used in numerous industries and machine tools such as material handling, in conveyor systems or in plant construction. 

Your benefits at a glance

Tech up

Tech up

  • Installation space and weight: only one cable for power and data
  • Automatic  generation of cable plan, parts list and further design documents in CAE system
  • Can be ordered online with up to 36-month guarantee

Cost down

Cost down

  • Order online with manufacturer number
  • Reduced stock-keeping: in 24 hrs from stock for just-in-time delivery
  • No minimum quantity surcharges, no cutting charges 
  • Reduce design time by 50% with ready-to-use EPLAN macros





  • Long-lasting cable materials + high-quality plug-in connectors + machining = guaranteed reliability and value retention of the components 
  • Individual service life calculation, thereby without over-dimensioning

Product Manager Markus Hüffel will give a short introduction

All details on new hybrid cables suitable for Siemens OCC at a glance

Siemens hybrid servo cables (basic cables)

Manufacturer Part No.igus® Part No.Cable typeNumber of cores and conductor nominal cross section   Outer diameterBend radius 
   [mm²]Shaft Ø [mm]  
6FX_002-8QN04MAT98515147Basic cable(4G0.34+(2x0.34)C+(4xAWG26)C)C          10.010.0xdorder quantity
6FX_002-8QN08MAT98515148Basic cable(4G0.75+(2x0.5)C+(4xAWG26)C)C          11.010.0xdorder quantity
6FX_002-8QN11MAT98515153Basic cable(4G1.5+(2x1.5)C+(4xAWG26)C)C          13.510.0xdorder quantity
6FX_002-8QN21MAT98515154Basic cable(4G2.5+(2x1.5)C+(4xAWG26)C)C          14.510.0xdorder quantity

Siemens hybrid servo cables (extension cables)

Manufacturer Part No.igus® Part No.Cable typeNumber of cores and conductor nominal cross section   Outer diameterBend radius 
   [mm²]Shaft Ø [mm]  
6FX_002-8QE04MAT98515149Extension cable(4G0.34+(2x0.34)C+(4xAWG26)C)C          10.010.0xdorder quantity
6FX_002-8QE08MAT98515150Extension cable(4G0.75+(2x0.5)C+(4xAWG26)C)C          11.010.0xdorder quantity
6FX_002-8QE11MAT98515155Extension cable(4G1.5+(2x1.5)C+(4xAWG26)C)C          13.010.0xdorder quantity
6FX_002-8QE21MAT98515156Extension cable(4G2.5+(2x1.5)C+(4xAWG26)C)C          14.510.0xdorder quantity

What are the advantages of hybrid drive cables?

All igus readycable with typical chainflex guarantee of 36 months

As with all chainflex cables, we concentrate exclusively on highly dynamic use in energy chains. For this reason, the materials selected for insulation, jacket and also for the entire processing are of much higher quality than for normal cables. These superstructures, tested in igus' own 3,800m² laboratory, must always pass through several million cycles in the test programme. This means that our cables are different from those offered by the rest of the market. Good shielding concepts are very important for hybrid cables. 

Find the matching drive cable

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The readycable product finder: direct service life calculation of all drive cables.

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Sold by the metre with hybrid technology

chainflex® portfolio

The chainflex cables are unharnessed cables for moving applications in energy chains or for robot applications, dependable with 36-month guarantee.  There you will find numerous hybrid cables as unharnessed sold by the metre in the catalogue range.  

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Energy supply systems ready for connection

readychain harnessing

With our readychain systems, we provide individual, harnessed energy supply systems, which can be easily installed on site. This allows internal process costs to be significantly reduced and you can focus on your core competencies.  

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