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Product image TR.RSEL.60

Linear, cost-effective retraction system

Save costs and installation space

The new igus® systems TR.RSEL.60 and TR.RSEL.65 are product extensions to the already existing RSEL retraction systems size 70 and 85. Thanks to the triflex® R sizes 60 and 65, handling packages can now be implemented more cost-effectively, for example in the automotive sector. This is especially possible due to the modular structure of the RSEL series and is therefore especially suitable for a wide range of applications in the field.

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Tech up

Tech up

  • Up to 380mm of retraction length
  • Easy to retrofit
  • Prevent loops on axes 4-6
  • Optional guide plate behind the retraction system minimises wear of the e-chain®     

cost down

Cost down

  • High running performance 1)2)
  • Less downtime, maintenance-free
  • Modularised structure to the TR.RSEL.70 and TR.RSEL.85 retraction systems



  • Tested in the igus® laboratory: resistance and retraction force of the rubber cords and wear of bearings and guides tested in the igus® laboratory. Test currently runs at 13,000 cycles per day (Photo dated 17/04/2020)1)2)



  • Individual wearing parts of the system are replaceable
  • Fired powder coating 100% free from emissions (VOC free)
  • Have your energy chain recycled at the end
    of its life cycle with the igus® chainge recycling programme. Irrespective of the manufacturer. You will receive a voucher for this
  • igus® supports the circular economy of plastics and is investing in chemical recycling. Learn more about this topic at: Plastic2Oil

Why the new sizes?

  • With the sizes 60 and 65, in addition to the already existing sizes 70 and 85, you have the possibility to save further space and weight.  For applications with low filling the sizes 60 + 65 offer an additional price saving.
  • The retraction force has been adapted to the new sizes, ensuring a constant linear retraction force over 380mm.
  • In addition, the system offers a support which further reduces chain abrasion. If installation space is limited, the support can be quickly dismantled.  

TR.RSEL.60 + 65 gif

Innovation presentation of the TR.RSEL.60

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1) Resistance and retraction force of the installed rubber ropes
2) Wear of bearings and guides