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Product image PRT-04

PRT-04 with internal gearing

For even more compact drive solutions

The PRT-04 with internal gearing has a compact design and allows drive from the inside. It is therefore suitable for applications where the installation space is limited, where lightweight or a cost-effective solution is required. With the exception of the toothed inner diameter, all components and dimensions are identical to the standard PRT.  

  • Compact design
  • Lightweight
  • For small installation spaces
Fields of application: applications with limited installation space

Tech up

Tech up

  • Now, possibility of even more compact driving due to drive from the inside
  • Reduced space

cost down

Cost down

  • About 20% more cost-effective than PRT-01 series
  • Ready-to-install solution, no need to build it yourself
  • 3D construction data available for free



  • PRTs already in use for many years (e.g. in automated guided vehicles)



  • Compact design means approx. 60% less weight compared to the PRT-01 series
  • Environment-friendly due to the absence of lubricants

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