isense EC.W.06

Crossbar for online lifetime monitoring

IoT cloud connection for gliding e-chain systems®

The LTE modem integrated into the crossbar allows direct communication with the igus® IoT cloud. Output of maintenance recommendations via web dashboard, e-mail, SMS. Years of energy supply via integrated battery – optional  "energy harvesting" solutions. Separately calculated MTM mobile phone contracts and cloud costs ensure transparency. Graduated percentage service life information implemented across four sensor layers.

Tech up with igus news

Tech up

  • integrated LTE modem transmits abrasion and movement data directly to the cloud
  • No additional hardware necessary
  • Maintenance and replacement recommendations on the web dashboard or via e-mail/SMS
  • Four times the accuracy of EC. W.041

Cost down with igus news

Cost down

  • No additional hardware needed in the switch cabinet – for example, €1169 is the list price for an ICOM. ONLINE module
  • In-house hardware development allows a price of < €400/crossbar
  • Avoid unplanned system downtimes – for example, about €600,000 for 10 h of downtime in the automotive industry2

Evidence from igus news



  • Ongoing test series in the igus® test laboratory for dynamic energy transfer systems, the largest in the world

Recycling with igus news


  • Unplanned service deployments can be prevented – eliminating 100km of travel saves about 3.6kg of CO²3
  • To recycle integrated energy chain through the igus chainge programme free of charge
  • More on the igus contribution Plastic2Oil

EC.W.06 animation

Illustrates the system in 53 seconds


  • Application areas: gliding applications
  • the crossbar continuously reports chain abrasion, determining service life

Explanation video for EC.W.06

Richard Habering explains the system in 85 seconds

Potential application areas

We have developed EC.W.06 for this purpose


  • Interlinking portal in manufacturing companies
  • Robot travel axes
  • Applications with long travels in the logistics industry
  • Process cranes


isense EC.I.06


available for BETA test projects starting at the end of Q2/2020

Request EC. W.06


envisaged for Q3 2020

1Four instead of one sensor layer
2One minute of line stoppage in automobile manufacture costs between 1,000 and 6,000 euros
3Randomly chosen Mercedes vehicle built in 2015 with 160 grammes of CO²/km at a randomly defined 100-km departure/arrival