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iglidur® E7 bar stock

Excellent coefficient of friction and wear with low to medium loads

With specifications such as low coefficient of friction and excellent vibration dampening, the tribo-polymer iglidur E7 has already proven its strengths as bearing and in the sliding elements of the linear technology.
Now, the material is also available as bar stock (round bars / plate strips). iglidur® E7 is especially suitable for steel and stainless steel shafts. This material dampens vibrations very effectively and is especially abrasion-resistant.
The low coefficient of friction of the material ensures smooth movements, reduces the required drive energy and has the potential for additional cost savings.


Tech up

Tech up

  • 40% lower coefficient of friction than PA6 casting
  • Quiet operation due to good dampening properties
  • Long service life with low to medium loads
  • iglidur® E7 is the specialist for steel and stainless steel shafts

cost down

Cost down

  • Low coefficient of friction allows smooth movements and a downsizing of the drives



  • Coefficients of friction 70% lower than those of PA6 casting. Test: rotating coefficient of friction [µ] at 23 °C, 1 MPa, and 0.3 m/s compared to the rotating coefficient of friction [µ] of iglidur® E7 (0.18), and the rotating coefficient of friction [µ] of PA6 casting (0.66)



  • No lubrication necessary
  • Reduced energy consumption due to smooth movements
  • igus® supports the circular economy of plastics and is investing in chemical recycling. Learn more about the topic Chemical recycling

Short news presentation of iglidur® E7 bar stock

Packaging machine

iglidur® E7 in use

Packaging machine

Components in packaging machines should ensure an efficient and smooth process. iglidur® E7 is designed for pivoting movements and convinces with the best possible elasticity.
In addition, the coefficient of friction remains constant, even at higher speeds. The vibration dampening specifications convince the users. igus products guarantee a lubrication-free use. You save lubricant and maintenance time.   

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