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Lubrication-free bearing support made easy: iglidur® slewing ring bearings

The range of igus PRT polymer slewing ring bearings covers a wide spectrum of applications. Eight standard sizes are available between inner diameters 20mm and 300mm. In addition, the product range includes very light (solid) plastic versions, driven slewing rings, splittable bearings for difficult installation situations, toothed slewing rings and versions for temperatures up to 180°C. They are suitable for heavy loads.

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Install individually

With the versatile installation solutions, the new PRT-04 slewing ring bearings can be fitted in a very short time. With the practical spacing ring, the PRT can be screwed onto even surfaces very easily without relief grooves or cut-outs being needed for the moving parts. The enlarged outer ring creates space for add-on parts and the optionally available ring with threads offers alternative means of attachment.

  • Available for PRT-01 and PRT-04
  • Maintenance-free and wear-resistant
  • Easy to fit
  • Replaceable sliding elements 
Standard with M4 thread in mounting ring
Standard with large mounting ring
Standard with spacer mounting ring

PRT slewing ring bearings

Maximum flexibility

The new PRT-04 series flexibly adapts itself to your requirements. With an outer tooth profile with different profile variants or with integrated drive pin for direct connection to motors.

  • Easy replacement and extension: modular construction kit design
  • Driving the easy way with gear profile or drive pin for couplings
  • Adjustable by means of manual clamps
Standard with DrivePin
Standard with gear profile

PRT slewing ring bearings

Stainless-steel slewing ring bearing with different sliding elements

All PRT-04 variants and add-on parts are also optionally available in stainless steel – for even greater torsional rigidity and freedom from corrosion. With iglidur A180 sliding elements, your PRT-04 also becomes food compatible according to the FDA and EU10/2011. With iglidur F2 sliding elements, stainless-steel PRTs also fulfil the requirements according to ATEX for antistatic areas that are subject to explosion hazards.

  • High wear resistance
  • Replaceable sliding elements
  • For high loads and high rigidity

Typical application areas:food industry, construction of special machines

PRT slewing ring bearings with slot nut profile

The new PRT-04 with a new slot nut profile is available. Add-on parts can thus be mounted in seconds and retrospectively positioned or removed.

  • Available for PRT-01 and PRT-04
  • Fast assembly
  • Easy positioning with no additional holes

Typical application areas:mechanical engineering, automation, intra logistics, furniture design, medical technology

Slewing ring bearings for manual adjustment

iglidur PRT-01-50-HK-PA-HR

With hand wheel, manual clamp and position indicator, the iglidur PRT modular system now offers even more options. The extensive range of accessories matches all iglidur PRT slewing rings and thus extends their range of applications.

  • With hand wheel for easy adjustment
  • Optional manual clamp and position indicator
  • Ideal for fast and secure positioning

PRT-04 slewing ring bearings

60% lighter and 50% more economy of space

The new PRT-04 slewing ring bearing is 60% lighter than its predecessor. The installation height was also reduced by half, offering even more design freedom.

  • 20% more cost-effective
  • Available with diameters from 50mm to
  • 60% lighter and 50% greater space-saving
  • Wear-resistant, lubrication-free and maintenance-free
    iglidur® sliding elements

Spacing ring for slewing rings where high loads are involved

iglidur PRT-01-60-DR-HD

This special heavy-duty spacing ring makes it even easier and safer to fasten iglidur PRT slewing ring bearings even on slightly uneven surfaces without the ring structure becoming distorted.

  • Steel version to avoid distortion during installation
  • Dimensions from a 20mm to 300mm
    inner diameter
  • iglidur PRT modular system: can be combined with all dimensions
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Lubrication and maintenance-free

Slewing rings with collar clamp

iglidur PRT-01-20-C

A quick and easy to install iglidur PRT slewing ring bearing
for simple handling task and special machines. Equipped with the proven sliding elements made from maintenance-free and wear-resistant iglidur high-performance polymers.

  • Including clamp function for 30h7 tolerance shafts
  • Lubrication and maintenance-free