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Mechanically manufactured rollers from iglidur® round bars

Conveyor belt  

  • What was needed: Rollers made of iglidur material for material conveyors Manufacturing process: Extruded round bars were machined 

  • Requirements: No deformation under load or long service life, low wear 

  • Material: iglidur J350 

  • Industry: Material flow & packaging 

  • Advantages for the customer: Long service life  

Rollers for conveyor belt

A frequent application, which can be solved by the use of iglidur® round bars, are rollers or knife edge rollers.  Depending on the wall thickness and component geometry, the production in the injection moulding process is very difficult to implement, which is why the mechanical production from iglidur® bar stock is often the best option.  In this case the rollers were used in a packaging machine.  

Conveyor belt