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Autosplit D3 splitting machine

Gold manus® 2007

Dr. Rainer Dorstewitz, Dr. Dorstewitz Engineering Consultants, Bensheim

The manus® jury awarded the gold manus® to this splitting machine for leather production. Adverse environmental conditions with simultaneously high demands on the processing speed and above all
–precision were the prerequisites for this application, which used over 200 iglidur® plastic bearings.
The splitting machine splits the already depilated but still wet skin. As it is a natural product, the thickness of the skin varies. A 13-meter long band knife, which is hydraulically prestressed with a weight of several tons and continuously ground, provides accurate cutting.

The splitting machine manages without any mobile parts in the entire lower bed. All the moving parts are mounted in the upper bed. As they are all continuously in contact with moisture, residues of chemicals and fat, the design engineer decided to use only plastic plain bearings.

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