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Mechanically manufactured rollers for an ironing machine

Iron machine  

  • What was needed: Rollers made of iglidur® material for automated ironing machine 

  • Manufacturing process: Extruded round bars were mechanically processed 

  • Requirements: No deformation under load or during service life, low wear 

  • Material: iglidur®  H1 

  • Industry: Textile 

  • Advantages for the customer: Low wear and temperature-resistant   

Rollers for belt deflection in an ironing machine

In a fully automated ironing machine of an Asian customer in the textile industry, our iglidur®  H1 was used as guide roller for a conveyor belt. Previously, bronze rollers were used. Thanks to our material, the customer was able to reduce wear and tear and thus reduce the maintenance effort. The rollers were mechanically manufactured from a round bar.   

Iron machine