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Bulk goods handling

Bronze manus® 2007

Stefan Gröneweg, Gröneweg Maschinenbau GmbH, Edewecht

The bronze manus® goes to the mechanical crank device with pull-off technique for pressing bulk goods in a packaging process. Therewith a packaging machine, for instance, is in a position to precisely conform to specified weights and volumes. Various igus® polymer bearings were used in the construction.

Mechanism and technique of the afore-mentioned type are familiar and are used in the foodstuff industry for packaging small food products in heaped form in the container. Another important aspect is the prevention of accidental falling out of individual product parts.

As the machine is also used for the food industry, the compliance of packaging regulations are of high significance. It also means no undesirable lubricant can be used.

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Autosplit D3 splitting machine

Gold at manus® 2007: Autosplit D3 splitting machine

Autosplit D3 splitting machine    


Silver at manus® 2007: Body-Spider® of the company KOOPERA GmbH

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