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Wire cutting machine: cut reliably

This wire-cutting machine cuts pipes for the oil and gas industry. Since the working environment is dirty and damp, the use of conventional metal bearings was not practical. Instead, the design engineers chose iglidur® plain bearings from igus®, which are resistant to dirt and water and also dampen machine vibrations during the cutting process.


The environment of this application is very dirty.  Swarf and humidity increase the requirements for the bearing point. To guarantee a reliable operation,  a wear-resistant bearing is needed.  


With iglidur J plain bearings a wear-resistant and durable solution was found. As no additional lubrication is required, the plain bearings are resistant to dirt.  Furthermore, the material has vibration-dampening properties, which have a positive effect during the cutting process.  

Wire cutting machine with iglidur plain bearings Wire cutting machine with iglidur plain bearings
Here, the plain bearing is used Here, the plain bearing is used

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