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Handling and contacting module

Precise testing

This handling and contacting module is used for the automatic electrical measurement of individual boards in the temperature testing cabinet. The tests are carried out in temperature cycles ranging from –65°C to +175 °C. The system includes a rotary movement for transporting the boards onward in the drum magazine. It also includes a linear movement for gripping and positioning in and out of the drum magazine. These extreme conditions place an enormous load on the bearings. The difficult task was best solved using igus® components. Alongside iglidur® flange sleeves and slide bushes as well as polymere slewing ring bearings, a drylin® linear guide system is integrated in the system.

Handling and contacting module
Handling and contacting module_02
Handling and contacting module_03
Handling and contacting module_04

MAXXOM Automation GmbH, Horst Michael Grein, Oberhofen am Irrsee, Austria

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