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Home exercise machine - Golden manus® 2013

Smooth action

This device brings the cross-country ski trail to your living room. The user moves the poles as in real cross-country skiing and so gains an optimal training effect for the whole body. To achieve highly realistic simulation, it was important to the developers that the slides move very smoothly along the rails. The movement should also make as little noise as possible, so that the equipment can be used in the home without causing problems. These conditions were optimally achieved with a drylin® linear guide. The ski poles are each mounted on a linear guide with a slide.

ThoraxTrainer ApS, Ulrich Ghisler, Kokkedal, Denmark

Award ceremony at the Hanover Trade Fair 2013

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Winner of manus® 2013

Home exercise machine

manus® 2013 Gold: This device brings the cross-country ski trail to your living room.

Pneumatic rotary piston engine

manus® 2013 Silver: This pneumatic rotary piston engine provides trouble-free use for an uninterrupted power supply.

Friction clutch

manus® 2013 Bronze: This friction clutch provides protection against overloading the drive train in a machine for harvesting fodder.

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