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manus® 2011

Two special drills

Safe and steady

Two drilling applications were submitted simultaneously to the manus® competition here. This application creates new possibilities in steel construction, shipbuilding, cable cars, plant engineering or in general mechanical engineering: Originally designed for use in tunnels, the bore holes can be drilled at large distances and under cramped conditions. The distance between drive and drilling tool can be up to 3 metres. This was made possible by slotted plastic bearings which embed the boring bar such that vibrations are dampened and there is no clearance.

VALCUT, George Val, Dällikon, Switzerland

In the second application, an upright plastic ring is used to pick up and forward cooling emulsion in the machining process. This allows a smooth supply of cutting emulsion to the rotating cutting tool even at high speeds. The plastic is resistant to coolant and is thus not subject to any wear.

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