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manus® 2011

String trimmer-cutting disc - Silver Award at manus® 2011

Robust in wooded areas

This newly developed Ulex Pro cutting disc, with self-sharpening blades, can even cut thin branches and tree trunks. For safety reasons these blades could not be used so far in portable devices; mechanical parts that were light and at the same time tough enough were not available. Due to the frequent use in dirt and in different weather conditions, the requirements for the used components are very high. When used in forest clearing, the blades sometimes hit rocks or other hard objects.

Plain bearings made of iglidur® Q connect the carrier shaft and the blade shaft of the cutting disc. With a force of up to 1400 kilograms, they ensure that the blade rotation adjusts the balance between centrifugal force and cutting resistance, and can even completely turn around the axis if the impact is especially hard.

PRODULEX UNIPESSOAL LDA, Marco Portocarrero, Caminha, Portugal
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Winner of manus® 2011

Machine for frying Spanish omelettes

Gold Award at manus® 2011: Machine for frying Spanish omelettes of Carmelo Lagunas Escudero, Spain

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Hand prosthesis

Bronze Award at manus® 2011: Hand prothesis of Vincent Systems GmbH, Germany

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Robot head

Special Award at manus® 2011: Robot Head of Archimedes Solutions GmbH, Germany

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