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drylin® W linear guides in the tyre changer

The Reimont® tyre mounting machine enables professional and time-saving mounting and removal of 24"- 29" tyres.
The special mounting process handles tyres and wheels with care and prevents tubes from being pinched.
Various wheel types can be processed. Changeovers to other wheel types is accomplished with only a few motions.
The wheel is used as a lever for the rotating motion during the tyre mounting procedure, making the work effortless. The tyre is literally 'rolled' into the wheel. The tyre cannot be pinched and stretched.
Even practiced mechanics need more time to mount the tyre than the Reimont® machine. Mounting large volume tyres (2.2-2.6) is a snap with the Reimont® machine.
The reduction in time is particularly meaningful when producing larger wheel volumes and reduces your shop costs. Working with the Reimont® machine is convenient and fast, even for simple tube repairs.

Tyre mounting machine Tyre mounting machine

The benefits of the Reimont® machine at a glance

simple and fast tyre mounting and removal

treats the wheel and tyre with care

professional tyre changes in your shop from the customer's point of view

convenient, ergonomic operation for the mechanic

the machine is prepared for table or wall-mounting

The alignment bracket has a notch into which a tyre lifter is engaged for better removal.

Use of igus® products

drylin® W linear guides are in use. These are lubricant-free and also shine due to their low cost.

Operating instructions: Step 1 Clamp with rotating disc for axle and hub mounting
Operating instructions: Step 2 The alignment bracket has a notch into which a tyre lifter is engaged for better removal
Operating instructions: Step 3 Height adjustment lever for the additional roller retainer
Operating instructions: Step 4 The procedure is completed a simple 360° rotation of the wheel

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