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Slot nuts for mounting

For the drylin® W high-profile rail, slot nuts offer variable ways of fastening sensors and initiators, for example. The robust profile rail is the basis of SAW linear modules as well as ZLW toothed belt axes and has up to 5 T-slots for mounting slot nuts. Moreover, slot nuts are used as a fastening option in the case of drylin® Q linear carriages. Roll-in slot nuts are available for retrofitting in closed T-slots.

Variable positionable

Ideal for drylin® E limit and reference switches

Suitable for T-slots of the drylin® WSX high-profile rail

Secure retention

Can be retrofitted

Slot nuts for mounting

Part No. Rail profile Linear module
NOR-20602 WSX-06-30 SAW-0630, SAWC-0630, ZLW-0630
NOR-20602 WSX-10-40 SAW-1040, SAWC-1040, ZLW-1040
NOR-20602 WSX-10-80 SAW-1080, ZLW-1080
NOR-20602 AWMQ-12/20 QWE-01-12, QWE-01-20
NOR-20602 WSX-16-60 SAW-1660, ZLW-1660 (side slots)
NOR-20605 WSX-16-60 SAW-1660, ZLW-1660 (bottom slot)

Product range

Order number A B B1 H H1 G R
ready for shipping in 24 - 48 hours NOR-20602 9 19 4 4 0 M5 0 2.50 USD Add to shopping cart
ready for shipping in 24 - 48 hours NOR-20605 15 15 10 12 6 M8 0 Upon request Add to shopping cart
ready for shipping in 24 - 48 hours NOR-20613 5.2 9.5 0 4 0 M4 2.5 2.00 USD Add to shopping cart
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ready for shipping in 24 - 48 hours