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drylin® accessories for linear modules

drylin® SHT and SLW accessories
drylin® SHT - Cursor  
Position indicator

Plastic analogue indicator for adjustment and direct reading of carriage position

drylin® SHT - Spindle clamp  
Lead screw clamp

Shaft clamp adaptor for attaching to the position indicator and subsequent clamping of the lead screw

drylin® SHT - hand wheel  
Hand wheel

Hand wheel for attachment at the end of the lead screw. Different handles available.

drylin® SHT - Adapter plate  
Adapter plate

For position indicators and/or hand clamps.

drylin® SHT V-drive  

The drylin® SHT-WT V-drive offers a maximum of positioning flexibility.

Angular drive  
V-drives with double-side output shaft

For linear robot structures or the control of multiple linear modules, we offer V-drives with double-side shaft output for WT-3 and WT-4

drylin® SHT-WS: all directions  
Angle kit

drylin® SHT-WS is a new V-drive set for the SHT series of lead screw modules.

drylin® Flexshaft  

The ideal complement to drylin® lead screw modules.

SLW-1040 - quiet lead screw for strokes >750mm  
SLW-1040 lead screw support

Clever solution for long travel SLW linear modules

Kit for motor connection NEMA23  
SHT accessory for motor connections

Connect your drive to the maintenance-free drylin® linear units quickly and easily. Spacer, motor flange and coupling form the modular system for the easy attachment of your NEMA23.

Mounting bracket for drylin® ZLW toothed belt axes  
Mounting bracket for drylin® ZLW toothed belt axes

For fastening drylin® ZLW toothed belt axes made of aluminium construction profiles

Spacer - Height compensation for SLW/SHT linear modules  
Spacer - Height compensation for SLW/SHT linear modules

The spacer is an aluminium standoff that brings the selected drylin® linear unit to a height that matches your NEMA stepper motor.

Adapter kit for gantry setup  
Adapter kit for gantry setup

Simple and fast multi-axes gantry setup

For lead screw and toothed belt axes

energy chain assembly preparation

Space and weight reducing

Slot nuts for mounting  
Slot nuts for mounting

For the drylin® W high-profile rail, slot nuts offer variable ways of fastening sensors and initiators, for example.