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drylin® SHT drive technology configurator

You define your linear axis. We deliver it!

Save time and reduce costs. Put together your SHT linear module with lead screw easily online with just a few mouse clicks. Installation size, materials, lead screw pitches, multiple carriages, right/left opposite drive, end machining. We can do it all. Does your linear module fit into your application environment? You can check this very easily – the 3D CAD model and the 2D PDF dimensional drawing are included. Do you want to operate your linear module manually or by means of a motor? We can do either. Just choose accessories and the right motor. And how do you control your motor or linear axis? igus® can do that, too. Simply order the appropriate dryve motor control system at the same time. And how do I place an order? Put in the shopping cart, place the order, and receive your delivery. That is igus® service.

Go to SHT configurator
Configure SHT linear axes with lead scew

In a few steps to the linear axis with lead screw drive

drylin® SHT configurator

  • Choice of four installation sizes
  • Trapezoidal thread or dryspin® high helix thread
  • Single and multiple carriage versions
  • Can also be configured to be FDA-compliant for the food and pharmaceuticals sectors
  • NEW: NEMA stepper motors; EC/DC direct current motors, dryve motor control systems,  proximity switches, connecting cable

drylin® SHT drive technology configurator 1. Enter application parameters
drylin® SHT drive technology configurator 2. System configuration
drylin® SHT drive technology configurator 3. Configure drive pin or accessory
drylin® SHT drive technology configurator 4. Check summary
drylin® SHT drive technology configurator 5. View interactive 3D CAD model
drylin® SHT drive technology configurator 6. Download PDF dimensional drawing

Tech up with igus

Tech up

  • Online configuration tool for SHT linear modules
  • Configuration of single or multiple-carriage systems
  • Fast dryspin® high helix thread or self-locking trapezoidal thread
  • Ready-to-connect configuration

Cost down with igus

Cost down

    • Simple online configuration of a linear module
    • All parts fit together
    • Reduced design time due to ready-to-connect system (linear module/motor/dryve motor control system)
    • Incl. 2D dimensional drawing and 3D CAD model

    igus proves it


    • Service life can be calculated online
    • All configuration models clear and plausible
    • incl. 2D dimensional drawing and 3D CAD model

    igus is sustainable


    • igus supports the circular economy of plastics and is investing in chemical recycling. Learn more about this topic at: Plastic2Oil


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