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drylin® W - Digital measuring system


The drylin® WKM measuring systems are stand alone units independent of mains. The integrated battery guarantees a multi-year operating life. This makes a quasi-absolute distance measurement possible. Magnetic tapes are used as a standard. The position value is displayed by means of a 5-digit LC display.

Special features

Installation position: right (R) or left (L) of carriage

Measuring system: Magnetic with magnetic tape (10 x 1.4 mm)

Resolution: 0.1 mm

Accuracy: + /- (0.1 + 0.01 x Measuring length [m]) mm

Operating time: Over 5 years with 100% on-time

Operating temperature: + 0 °C to + 60 °C

Display: LCD

Repeat accuracy: +- 1 digit

Absolute and incremental measuring functions

Flexible and mobile use

Variable zero point

Carriage clampable via friction closure

Display optionally right (R) or left (L) of guide carriage

Max. rail length 4000 mm (effective measuring length max. 3757 mm)


Digital measuring system

Part No.:
Cable-less measuring system with immediate digital indication of position
Part No. drylin® rail profile H E
 WKM-10-80-15-01-L WS-10-80 36 93 Upon request 
 WKM-10-80-15-01-R WS-10-80 36 93 Upon request 
 WKM-20-80-15-01-L WS-20-80 40 93 Upon request 
 WKM-20-80-15-01-R WS-20-80 40 93 Upon request 
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WKM, Series 11

For type series 11 the carriage is fixed with 4 screws. The rail is movable and offers mounting options at the rail end.

WKM, Series 11  
WKM, Series 11 drawing  
Part No. L max. C4 C5 a1 C2 A2 K1 C A H S Cm Hm kz    
  [mm] [mm] [mm] [mm] [mm] [mm] [mm] [mm] [mm] [mm] [mm] [mm]        
 WKM-11-40 2000 40 20 18 120 60 6,6 133 73 24 6 100 54 82 Upon request 
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Measuring indicator specifications
Measuring principle incremental, with absolute value function through battery buffer
display Lowest Power LCD with integrated sensor, independent of network
Display accuracy max. 0,1 mm
Repeat accuracy ± 1 digit
Function Digit direction, decimal point, unit of measurement (mm,inch), preset activation
Display/Display range -99 999 …+99 999
Function Chain dimension and reset function
direct entry of offset value
Supply Integrated battery, up to 10 years lifespan
Magnetic sensor Firmly connected
Bearing Type Installation housing
Connector Housing Zinc die cast
Protection class IP20 complete device
IP60 display side
Operating temperature 0…+60°C
Air humidity 95% rh condensation inadmissible
Speed (travel) max. 3,5 m/s

Magnetic tape for measuring display WKM

Encoding Incremental, single-track system
Basic pole division 5 mm pole division
Band width 10 mm
Operating temperature, processed 0° ... +60°C
Tape structure Magnetic tape stuck on with adhesive tape
External magnetic influence External magnetic fields on the magnetic tape surface must not exceed 64 mT (640
Oe; 52 kA/m) as this can damage or destroy
the magnetic tape encoding
Protection class Carrier tape, stainless steel (optional)