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drylin® N flat guide in LOV3 Delta 3D printer
very lightweight - very flat - lubrication-free

The LOV3 delta 3D printer from PEL3O has been designed for both commercial and private use. The goal here was to address the creative mind. The LOV3 design is close to perfection.
In order to achieve this goal in practice, drylin® N linear guides are used. The 3D printer from PEL3O operates quickly and reliably with drylin® N and without the need for maintenance.
The most important criterion for any decision in favour of drylin® N low-profile guides is their low installation height as this makes it possible to achieve a maximum printing volume. Lightweight carriages can now be operated at higher speeds with quicker accelerations. Thanks to drylin® self-lubrication, printer operation is maintenance-free. This means that operation is easier and there are almost no operational costs. The wear resistance of drylin® N guarantees a long service life for the LOV3 3D printer.

3D printer LOV3  
3D printer LOV3  
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