Cutting machines

Energy chains, cables, and bearing technology for laser, plasma, and water jet cutting machines

Cutting systems with laser, plasma, or water jet technology are often used to machine metallic and non-metallic workpieces.
The systems are equipped with a large number of cables, including data, control, hydraulic, and energy cables, which must be guided stably but still flexibly enough over the travels that are usually of short to medium distance so as not to restrict machine tool function.
With our energy chains for cutting systems, we focus on reliable solutions that allow quiet operation even at high speeds, fit into tight spaces, and can be installed easily and affordably.
Cutting machine

Tech up and Cost down: our top products for cutting machines

Guide systems for corrugated tubes

Guide system for corrugated tubes

  • Easily guide corrugated tubes parallel to the e-chain
  • Easy clip-in with PMA clips
  • Quick hose replacement
More about guide systems for corrugated tubes
drylin linear guides

E2/000 energy chain series

  • High robustness combined with quiet operation
  • Long service life of cables
  • Various fastening options
Find out more about the E2/000

Drive Technology

  • Harnessed chainflex cables
  • 36-month service life guaranteed thanks to extensive tests, including quality control tests
Learn more about readycable
PVC cables

PVC cables

  • Choose cost-effective PVC instead of PUR
  • Good abrasion properties
  • Online service life calculation
xiros roller ball table

xiros ball transfer units

  • Move heavy and sensitive loads easily
  • Load capacity of up to 1,000N without any problem
  • Affordable, no lubrication or maintenance
Find out more about xiros ball transfer units
Linear guides and roller bearings

Linear guides and roller bearings

  • Completely lubrication-free travel
  • Maintenance-free and insensitive to external influences
Learn more about drylin linear bearing technology

Cutting machine application stories: The right solution for any problem.

Tested for real-world applications in the industry's largest test laboratory

A look at the chainflex and e-chain test laboratory Take a look at our chainflex and e-chain test laboratory, where 10 billion cycles are tested annually.
Extremely swarf-resistant energy tubes In our in-house laboratory, we test the swarf resistance of energy tubes under real-world conditions.

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