Huge 3D printed components with optimised sliding properties and excellent service life

New: 3D printing service for components of up to 3m

Wear-resistant components for large-scale mechanical engineering made of our iglidur I150 and iglidur I151 tribo-filaments

The large-format 3D printer can be used to manufacture components of up to 3m in a single printing process. The 3D print filaments, which igus developed especially for mechanical engineering, have up to 50 times the abrasion resistance of ABS, PETG or PLA. Thus, the large-format components made of igus high-performance polymers can be used easily in large-scale mechanical engineering. Possible application areas are jig construction, special machine construction or packaging technology.
The 3D printed components fare well in direct comparison with machined parts because of their lightweight design, greatly reduced material requirements and cost-efficient manufacture. For good surfaces and precise components, partial areas can be reworked.
Do you have an application that requires large-format parts? We would be happy to help you with the implementation of your project. 

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Manufacturing large-format food-safe components

iglidur I150

iglidur I150 is the easiest tribo-filament® to process - it is suitable for all commercially available 3D printers and can  be processed just as easily as regular filaments such as PLA and PETG.  iglidur I150 is also available on 8kg filament reels and is therefore suitable for the manufacture of large components in large-scale printers.
Thanks to compliance with EU 10/2011, iglidur I150 is suitable for contact with food and is accordingly proving itself in applications in the food and packaging industry.  The only restrictions are in the maximum permanent application temperature of 65°C and for highly dynamic applications.

iglidur I150 in the shop
iglidur I150 linear wear rates Wear test 3D printing filaments: y-axis = wear rate [μm/km] 1. iglidur I150 2. iglidur I180 3. PLA 4. ABS; test parameters (linear motion): v = 0.1m/s; p = 1MPa; shaft materials: hardened steel (Cf53/1.1213) and stainless steel (V2A/1.4301)

Large wear-resistant parts in lightweight construction

Efficient use of materials reduces weight and costs

Presentation of the innovation at the virtual igus trade show stand
Sliding element from the large-format 3D printer

This special slider is 1.1m long. Several elements are combined to a plain bearing with a diameter of 1.6m. The sliding elements produced in this way with 3D printing can be customised individually, depending on the load. If a component is exposed to high loads, an increased use of material ensures the necessary stability. In areas that are not exposed to high loads, the use of material can be correspondingly reduced. These material savings make the part up to 80% lighter.

Application example in the vehicle printed in 3D

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