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Compared to metal, plastic is a very young material. Metals have been used by people for over 8,000 years. Experience in metalworking has been passed on from generation to generation. Where moving components are concerned, metal is regarded as the safest choice, whereby component lubrication and greasing are accepted as necessary tasks.
But what would it be like if materials for moving parts ...
… did not need to be lubricated and greased?
… were up to 70% lighter?
… functioned in dirt, chemicals and water without any problems?
… did not rust and squeak?
… had a predictable service life and were safe to use?


"I need to completely understand where the difficulty lies ..."

"I love solving problems. I am really pleased if one of our customers can be made happy as a result. Of course, this is only successful if I work very closely with the customer. I need to completely understand where the difficulty lies in order to find an individual solution. Occasionally, such solutions for individuals result in innovations that we add to our catalogue product range. Our customers therefore rely on our team as a driving force in the area of research and development. "
Stefan Niermann, Head of drylin Linear Technology

Stefan Niermann, Head of drylin Linear Technology  

High-performance polymers for motion with a calculable service life

motion plastics products from igus  

Our products have been developed for moving applications and very high levels of stress. They include energy supply products, cables, bearing technology, linear technology, bar stock, 3D printing filaments and low-cost robotics:

  • Long service life 
  • No additional lubrication necessary
  • Up to 70 % lighter than metal products
  • Resistant to dirt, chemicals and  corrosion
  • Insensitive to heat and cold
Would you like to improve one of our products or services? 

Free online tools from igus®  

We continually develop and improve our innovative online tools . The tools make use of research results from the test laboratory and application-related knowledge. This enables our customers to plan their projects progressively, transparently and efficiently.  

  • Reliably calculating the service life of igus products
  • Configuring igus products
  • Simulating igus products
  • Finding suitable products

7 out of 100 innovations 2020

Energy and data transmission installed in one hour

Horizontal travels ready for installation from €49/m

No more complex trough design - the e-chain travels exactly in line on just one tensioned steel cable. And it's very cost-effective too: from €49/m including e-chain®, five single-core cables, one bus cable, and steel cable and installation material.
▲ Tech up

Energy, data, air and liquids in ONE system

4m/s speed, 80m travel

▼ Cost down

88% shorter assembly time compared to aluminium trough

Continuous panel feed

e-spool flex 2.0 the igus version of a cable drum

Cable diameters from 5mm up to 15mm can be used. The cable is always safely guided through a feed-through to ensure that it is properly wound up at all times.
▲ Tech up

Universally installable (on the floor, on the ceiling or on the wall)


▼ Cost down

No slip ring, cost-effective when repairs are necessary

No more unexpected bearing damage

New plain bearings standard product range for predictive maintenance

iglidur isense plain bearings indicate their wear status in good time. If a bearing needs to be changed, the system is informed about it.
▲ Tech up

Avoid sudden failures

Detect and monitor maintenance requirements via remote diagnostics

▼ Cost down

Shafts are protected from damage

Electrostatically dissipative laser sintering material

SLS powder for all commonly used laser sintering systems and in 3D printing service

Electrostatically dissipative laser sintering material for durable, abrasion-resistant 3D printed components. Ideal for applications in the electronics industry, where ESD properties are essential for avoiding damage to electronic components.
▲ Tech up

Contact resistance 10^6 to 10^9 ohms * cm

Rigidity 60% higher than with iglidur I3

▼ Cost down

Component entirely black, no additional dyeing necessary

Modular control and Software

igus Robot Control for linear robots, robolink and delta robots

This set enables you to control robolink D robot arms, drylin linear robots or delta robots. Robots are easy to program and control via the software's graphical user interface.
▲ Tech up

Programming and integration of robots for everyone

Available in control cabinet or on top-hat (DIN) rail assembly

▼ Cost down

Digital Twin feature

Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) - now also for e-chains

chainflex® PUR bus cable with Single Pair Ethernet technology

Single Pair Ethernet technology (SPE) is the key to smart industrial automation. For the first time, this enables uniform, space and cost-efficient Ethernet communication, including the "last metre" from the cloud via the switch cabinet to the machine.
▲ Tech up

  • This allows continuous Ethernet communication, including the "last metre" (from the control cabinet to the machine)
  • Cable 25% thinner than that of CAT5e with the same data transmission rate
▼ Cost down
  • Installation spaces can be 25% smaller than CFBUS.PUR.045
  • Costs are 20% lower than those of a four-paired CAT5e cable (CFBUS.PUR.045)

Easy extension

Save costs and weight with drylin polymer telescopic guide NTP27

Lightweight for easy transport. Also very energy-efficient in interior applications. Installation is quick and intuitive, and the polymer telescopic guide adapts to the application environment thanks to the colour selection.
▲ Tech up

Complete telescopic guide made of iglidur® polymer material

Quiet operation with no rolling elements

▼ Cost down

Cost-effective production in injection moulding


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