iglidur® tribo-tape liner application examples

igus® plain bearings in bottling plants

Küppersbusch GmbH manufactures customer-specific beverage filling systems with igus® bearing technology.

Long-distance races with tribo-tape

Low-friction tribo-tape improves reliability during long-distance races

Coin changer

This coin changer provides change faster than other devices of its kind.

Production machine

This production machine is used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Production machine

With this production machine, small plastic spray bottles must be guided from a rotary table through a small opening onto the conveyor belt.

Pit saw for insulation materials

Maintenance-free bearings from the igus® construction kit simplify operation of a pit saw for insulation materials.


This scanner enables the automatic book scanning for use in various African countries.

Space travel

The Bronze manus® 2017: this system is a new ejection mechanism for space travel.

Sensor systems

This system checks bottles individually on a belt and sorts out bad products.

Machine tool manufacture

A newly developed horizontal CNC inclined-bed turning lathe, equipped with a main and opposed spindle as well as two turrets

Further applications