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Front loader test stand

Weathering effects just like in real life

The front loader test rig is part of the 3,800m2  test laboratory for motion plastics.  The aim of this set-up is to test various plain bearing/shaft combinations for the agricultural and construction machine sector under realistic conditions.  Each test examines various combinations in a direct comparison. This makes it possible to test various iglidur materials on the one hand, and metallic bearings, on the other.
The test rig allows us to compare existing customer solutions (such as steel bushings, metal-rolled bearings with Teflon coating, bronze bearings etc.) in a real application with maintenance-free iglidur plain bearings.

Front loader test stand

The results are not only important with regard to front loaders, but can also be applied to other applications involving heavy loads. Similar parameters can generally be found in all applications which are driven by a hydraulic cylinder. 
We would be happy to offer you a test for your plain bearing application. According to the required parameters, of course, further test rigs are available to test the application as closely to real conditions as possible.

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Basic test rig data:

TankVolume flow rateOperating pressureMotorControl systems
300l66l/min220bar max.11kWPLC controlled with 10" touch display

Various modes possible

DrivesVibration operationMax. loadVmax
Single tripSimple500kg (freely selectable)4 cycl. /min at full pivot
Single trip combinedMultiple
Synchronous drive


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