Energy chain systems for offshore terminals and vessels

Offshore supply vessels usually moor at multi-functional quays where other vessels berth as well: at inner-city ports, for example, cruise ships, at offshore bases other offshore ships, such as pipe-laying vessels.
At offshore bases, the ships often alternate and different equipment is loaded. The weather conditions also play a decisive role: to protect the crew on board against wind and weather, the bow of the vessel is often turned into wind.  This changes the mooring positions, which means that the extension length of the cable feed system can be 30m or more. The vessel's crane is then used to handle the cables. Although time-consuming, this increases flexibility.
Find out how an igus e-spool gives greater flexibility and reliable cable management, even under extreme weather conditions:

e-spool shore power

  • Motorised cable reel with electric drive
  • Slip ring-free system
  • Resistant to seawater, cold, heat and vibrations
  • Standard container version allowing cable to be extended 35m or 55m
  • Specific housing with 55m or more
  • Configurable with different cables, depending on the power and voltage category
  • Low maintenance and easy to inspect
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