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Specifically designed for highly dynamic movements in energy chains

Rust-proof, UV- and seawater resistant, highly stable energy supply systems

Plastic energy chain up to 350 mm inner height and fill weights up to 600 kg/m

Rust-proof and UV resistant

Highly stable and maintenance-free

Easy assembly and high service life

E4.1 e-chain

E4.1 series

  • Robust and up to 70% lighter than steel
  • Modular design

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E4/4 2828R e-chain

E4/4 series

  • For long travels of more than 200m and side-mounted applications

More about E4/4
P4 e-chain

P4 series

  • Profile rol e-chain for very high fill weights (up to 30kg/m) and speeds (up to 10m/s)

More about P4
P4.1 e-chain

P4.1 series

  • Latest generation rol e-chain
  • Longer service life: 375,000km running performance

More about P4.1
Offshore chain OSC

Offshore chain OSC

  • Tensile forces of up to 187kN possible
  • 750mm bend radius for cables

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4040HD e-chain

Heavy-duty chain

  • Extra robust
  • The standard for long travels

More about the HD chain
ESD e-chain

ESD e-chains

  • ESD material tested for over 10 million cycles for the toughest requirements

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