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General stage equipment

Used for stage construction, lighting systems and audio equipment, igus® products can help you enhance the technical functionality of your application while saving money. igus® products made of high-performance plastics are self-lubricating, maintenance-free and lighter than conventional solutions. In many cases, they are suitable for use where space is at a premium, whilst being quiet and exhibiting very low vibration. We will be happy to help find the right solution for you. Just contact us!

  • Self-lubricating and low maintenance
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Quiet and low-vibration
  • For smallest bend radii and installation spaces
  • Cost-effective

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Products suitable for general stage equipment

W linear guides

W linear guides  

  • Self-lubricating and maintenance-free
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Simple installation

R shaft guides

R shaft guides  

  • Completely self-lubricating
  • Replaceable liner
  • Lightweight

iglidur® J plain bearings

iglidur® J plain bearings  

  • Low wear many different shaft materials
  • Low coefficients of friction in dry operation
  • Vibration dampening

Reference projects

Pulley carriages

Self-lubricating and cost-effective

Dresden-based SBS Bühnentechnik GmbH uses igus® plain bearings, among other thing, to deflect the ropes used in stage equipment. Self-lubricating iglidur® plastic plain bearings withstand even the toughest environments.

Pulley carriages

Lifting device for a stage curtain

Excellent wear resistance, especially with high loads

Now Osaka Masazumi Yonezawa from Osaka, Japan, uses igus® ZFM plastic plain bearings for a stage curtain. This product is particularly suitable for extreme loads and high sliding speeds.

Lifting device for a stage curtain

Movecat winches

Self-lubricating and maintenance-free

and drylin® R liners have proven themselves in winches. Movecat based in Nufringen, Germany, uses igus® products for its VMW-S series winches.
Movacat GmbH, Nufringen, Germany

Movecat winches

Tested in the laboratory

igus® test lab  

All products are checked in the igus® test laboratory, the largest in the industry, under real-life conditions with regard to wear and durability. This makes it possible to accurately predict their service life. Upon request, igus® carries out customer tests so as to check the use of the products under completely unique conditions.

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