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High performance polymer bearings in gas springs

Plain bearings in gas springs

For use in gas springs, the different dry-tech® bearing systems offer many possible applications. Whether as a piston ring in the cylinder itself, or with rod end bearings for the connection of finished systems. The dry-tech® products help to reduce costs and extend the lifetime service life.
The dry-tech® benefits at a glance

No lubrication and thus no maintenance costs or effort required

Low breakaway torque by lowest coefficients of friction

Low noise "smooth" running.

Ideal for high cycle rates or high loads

Chemical-resistant and suitable for direct use in the media

iglidur® polymer bearing

Piston rings

Piston rings

For use in piston guides; very low wear in linear motion.

Clip bearings

Clip bearings

Easy and quick to assemble, even for "rough" holding fixtures.

iglidur® G plain bearing

The standard plain bearing, largest variety of dimensions, suitable for many applications.

iglidur® J plain bearing

Versatile in continuous operation, even for "soft" shafts.

igubal® Plastic spherical bearing

Rod end bearings

Rod end bearings

Angle compensation for pivoting & rotation.

Axial joints

Axial joints

Very easy installation, even more freedom of movement.

Clevis joints

Clevis joints

Plug in and clip on, for versatile use.

linear bearings with flange

linear bearings with flange

Angle compensation with integrated fixing holes.


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