Solutions for shore power supply for container terminals and vessels

Container terminals and vessels

Container terminals

Container vessels are becoming larger and larger. At the same time, shipping alliances are changing and therefore the vessels that dock are also changing.
The handling capacity at the quayside is one of the key criteria for the profitability of the container terminal. Flexible planning of the docking positions for the daily changing vessels is essential.
As the cable management system on board the vessel can be located in various places and the maximum extension length is limited (35-55m), stationary shore power connections on the quay restrict the connection area. Find out how igus mobile SPO technology can retain the flexibility of your terminal and save costs.

Container vessels

Container vessels

For container shipping, the IEC 80005-1 standard stipulates that the cable guidance system must be installed on the ship. Container ships sail on all the world's seas and withstand wind and weather under extremely tough conditions.
The cable guidance system is carried on board, either as a semi-mobile system in a 40‘HC container in a container space near the stern of the ship, or as a permanently installed system usually located amidships depending on the position of the engine room.
The standard length that the cable can be extended is 35-55m. Find out how you can improve maintenance and durability of the cable guidance system with the igus e-spool.

igus shore power systems for terminals and ships

mobile SPO

igus Mobile Shore Power Outlet (iMSPO)

  • Travels of 800m or more possible
  • Proven technology, longer service life, cost-efficient
  • Modular design

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e-chain reel

e-chain reel

  • Flexibility for existing and new shore power connections
  • Protected cable guidance
  • Increases safety and durability

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e-spool shore power

e-spool shore power

  • Slip ring-free system
  • Resistant to seawater, cold, heat and vibrations
  • Low maintenance and easy to inspect

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