igus® solutions for offshore cranes

igus® offers the right solutions in the field of energy supply and energy guidance systems for both rotary cranes and port cranes on ships and offshore systems.
The E4.1 series energy chains or the heavy-duty roller series are used on gantry chains (also known as riser gantry cranes), which are beneficial mainly due to the corrosion-free operation and a cable-friendly interior separation, compared to festoon systems or steel energy chains. The plastic inner and outer surfaces and the small support spacing, result in a very cable-friendly friction pairing between the energy chain and the cable, which is reflected in a significantly increased service life of the cables and the system compared to the steel energy chain and festoon. In addition, igus® provides the offshore and shipbuilding market with appropriate maintenance-free complete systems, consisting of an energy chain, chainflex® cables and trough systems to provide ready-to-connect complete systems that are easy to integrate. Custom designs, specifically for customer requirements, can also be planned and implemented by the igus® engineering team.
For rotary cranes, an RBR rotating energy supply can be used instead of the usual slip rings. These can be particularly beneficial in terms of their maintenance-free property and modularity compared to slip rings or festoon systems. In the case of a rotary module, the service life of the cables is significantly increased by the use of a cable-friendly energy chain in combination with a well-designed trough system. This reduces downtime and maintenance intervals of the entire system by up to 90% compared to festoon systems and slip rings.
In addition, media such as hydraulic fluids or water, as well as glass fibre cables can be integrated into the system, which has a distinct advantage over the slip rings and festoon systems. Delivery times are significantly reduced and time is saved during planning thanks to a large selection of standardised rotary modules. The igus® engineering team is also able to respond to special customer requirements by providing ready-to-connect complete systems with the focus on simple integration into the customer structure and a maintenance-free and long-lasting system.

Gantry cranes

Long travels for riser gantry cranes on drilling vessels or semi-submersibles.

Leg Encircling Cranes (LEC)

900° rotation modules for leg encircling cranes (LEC) on wind power installation ships.

Heavy-duty cranes

540° rotation modules for offshore heavy-duty cranes up to 5000 tons.

Knuckle boom crane

Rotary systems for offshore knuckle boom cranes with 540° angle of rotation

Sheerleg cranes

Long travels of 50 metres and more with igus® HD roller chains on sheerleg cranes.

Engineering projects & custom solutions

Whether conversion or new installation: we offer customised special solutions for challenging applications worldwide - from the first sketch to commissioning on site.