iglidur TX2 plain bearing with felt seal

Seal for high loads

iglidur TX2 with felt seal

The new iglidur TX2 with integrated felt seal was developed for applications in very harsh environments, where high loads, dirt and dust also occur. 

Due to the special shape of the bearings, the inserted seal is fixed in the component in such a way that it cannot be lost and protects the bearing position from dirt ingress. 

Tech up

Tech up

  • Highly efficient sealing against dirt and dust for heavy-duty applications

Cost down

Cost down

  • Ready-to-install solution with felt seal
  • Cost-effective even for large dimensions and low volumes



  • Tested in the igus test laboratory in indoor and outdoor use
  • In laboratory tests, a service life up to 50 times higher was achieved



  • Reduced downtime and thus lower material consumption
  • No lubricating greases or oils
  • igus supports the circular economy of plastics and is investing in chemical recycling. Learn more about the topic.

Agricultural machinery

Protection against dirt and dust with high loads

For this purpose we developed the iglidur TX2 seals

iglidur plain bearings are generally insensitive to dust and dirt. The greatest challenge, however, lies in corrosion protection. The ingress of dirt can damage the anti-corrosion coating of the used shafts. The consequence: rusted shafts, which can subsequently lead to extreme bearing wear. 

igus has developed the new integrated felt seals for iglidur TX2 plain bearings especially for use in high-load applications. They reliably protect the heavy-duty bearings from dirt and dust and ensure lubrication and corrosion-free operation.

Coiled plain bearing for high load capacity

The tribo plain bearings made of high-strength filament fabric are used where very high loads occur. Here, the extremely strong filament in its specially interwoven design ensures the highest resistance and enables a maximum permissible compressive strength of 400MPa. The newly developed material was extensively tested at the indoor and outdoor test rigs in the 3,800 square metre igus test laboratory.

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What is iglidur?

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