Workpiece with coating and iglidur IC-05 coating powder
Workpiece with iglidur IC-05 coating and coating powder iglidur IC-05

Wear-resistant surfaces - High-performance polymers for spraying on

Now also for food contact: iglidur IC-05

The new iglidur IC-05 coating powder is compliant with FDA as well as EU10/2011 and is therefore suitable for the powder coating of wear parts in the food sector. ​

The coating with iglidur coating materials enables you to solve wear problems even where there is little space for plain bearings due to particularly narrow installation spaces.  ​

Tech up

Tech up

  • Wear-resistant
  • FDA and EU10/2011-compliant

Cost down

Cost down



  • Lasts up to four times longer than iglidur IC-01
    (rotating, t=23 °C, p= 1MPa, v= 0.3m/s)



Dosing system

Thrown into the balance? Or rather, slipped?

We have developed the iglidur IC-05 coating for this purpose.

How do 12 grams of wine gum actually always get into these little bags? So-called dosing systems with highly sensitive mechanisms portion thousands of them in no time. And then it continues via chutes and belts until it reaches the box.  ​

All these mechanisms and slides are subject to wear. iglidur coating materials help to protect sensitive and small bearing points, as well as sliding surfaces such as sheet metal.   ​

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