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motion plastics for the
hydro energy industry

Machine parts that are used for generating energy via hydropower are exposed to extreme environmental conditions: they have to withstand very high loads, be resistant to saltwater and UV radiation and continuously operate without failure. Downtime due to material wear and frequent maintenance measures can negatively affect the energy output. igus offers a large variety of customer-specific solutions that fulfil the requirements of these sources of renewable energy, and help improve the technology of the entire system. Whether wave power plants, hydropower turbines or screening plants - there are a lot of application areas for our plain and spherical bearings lead screws and energy guide systems in the hydro energy industry.

Benefits of igus products:

  • Suitable for underwater applications
  • Resistant to dirt, dust and UV radiation
  • Lubrication-free and maintenance-free for 24/7 use
  • Extremely low coefficient of friction due to tribo-optimised polymers
  • For confined installation spaces and where there is very little room for movement
  • Low noise and low vibration
  • Long predictable service life
  • Low cost
  • Customised solutions from prototype to high-volume production

New products in 2021

4 news highlights in 3 minutes

In the video: Our hydro energy industry highlights

This year, we are launching a total of 168 innovations. Industry Manager Richard Won presents the top hydro energy news in three minutes. One example is the KCRM steel rod end with internal threads:

  • Metallic rod end with stainless steel female threads
  • Spherical ball for high lateral loads
  • Maintenance-free inner ring made of iglidur® J, right-hand threads

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Lead screws and lead screw nuts in new dimensions

Plate strips with lowest coefficient of friction

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Areas of use

Point absorbers

Point absorbers hydro energy


Attenuators hydro energy

Oscillating water columns

Oscillating water column hydro energy

Screening plants

Screening plant hydro energy


Turbine hydro energy

Maintenance-free products for use in hydro energy plants

igubal spherical bearings KBRM

Rod end bearings

Specifically for adjusting the rotor blades of hydropower turbines

  • Suitable for use in humid or wet environments 
  • Extremely low coefficient of friction in dry operation and very low stick-slip tendency

More about igubal rod end bearings
iglidur plain bearings UW

Plain bearing UW

For use in point absorbers

  • Extremely wear-resistant under water, tested and maintenance-free
  • For fast and constant rotation
  • Long service life

More about iglidur UW
iglidur plain bearings TX1

Plain bearings TX1

Also suitable for underwater use

  • Heavy-duty bearings for loads up to 200 MPa
  • Wear-resistant and dimensionally stable
  • Good media resistance

More about iglidur TX1
basic flizz complete system

basic flizz system

Complete system for the moving energy supply in screening plants

  • Low-maintenance, for travels up to 100m
  • Protection against weather and dirt exposure
  • Cost-effective and fully enclosed complete system

More information about basic flizz
drylin high helix lead screws

High helix lead screws

Higher efficiency for the energy generator specifically in point absorbers 

  • Quiet and vibration-dampening due to rounded tooth geometry
  • Longer service life due to asymmetry

dryspin lead screws in the shop
E4.1 e-chain

E4.1 e-chain

Energy chain for wave energy converter

  • Tough, low-noise, modular
  • Hinged lids for fast insertion of cables from both sides
  • Cable-friendly interior separation 

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