iglidur® materials and
their specifications

What the iglidur® high-performance polymers can do

The iglidur® plastic plain bearings are not only cost-effective but also maintenance-free, lubrication-free and versatile. They are available either from the extensive standard parts range from stock or as a custom-made component – with no minimum order quantity! For more than 30 years, igus® has been manufacturing plain bearings from RoHS-compliant high-performance polymers while developing new materials. All plain bearing types undergo extensive testing and their service life can be calculated using free online tools.
The more precisely you know the requirements for your desired plain bearing or component, the easier it is to find the right iglidur® material. In order to convince yourself of the performance of the iglidur® plastic plain bearings, we can cost-effectively produce individual prototypes or provide you with free samples.  

All-round materials

All-round materials

Virtually universally applicable under normal conditions (temperature, media, etc.).

Endurance materials

Endurance materials

Very low wear or in other words a long service life.

High temperatures

Materials for high temperatures

High-temperature specialists for continuous operating temperatures up to +250°C.

High media resistance

Materials for high media resistance

High media resistance and a wide application range in the wet area.

Contact with food

Materials for food contact

In use wherever the highest hygiene is required.

High load

Materials for high load

For high wear resistance, (static) loads, impacts and edge loads.

Special applications

Materials for special application areas

Electrical conductivity, silicone-free, fast rotation under water and much more.

Individual material

Individual materials

We also produce customised, tribologically optimised materials for you.