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Wood-sawing machines: Precisely cut, precisely calculated

Preassembled energy supply systems for machines and plants

Two years ago, Jochen Fischer began to basically turn the production facility in L'Ametlla del Vallès not far from Barcelona inside out. The Homag-Sawtech S.A. belonging to the German Holzma-Gruppe is specialized in the manufacture of wood-sawing machines designed for industrial purpose. Today at Homag, basically only a disk sawing machine is manufactured. The HPP 250 Optimat is available in four different dimensions, according to the sizes of the wood plates to be cut. They offer the entire know-how and the long experience of the Holzma-Gruppe, especially fort the handicraft. A high availability, thanks to rare downtimes, a comfortable operation and quick machine cycles provide for a speedy and reliable processing of the orders.


Uncomplicated access to the cables laid inside through simple snap-open of the chain link with a screwdriver.

No more complaints

The Homag-Sawtech AG is one of the first major clients of igus® in Spain. Sometimes there are thoughts in some quarters here that German technology is too expensive. A prejudice that can be argued against consistently. The initial investment that appears expensive at first glance pay off in surprisingly quick time. Unlike in former times, the Homag-Sawtech AG has virtually no more complaints.


The readychain® is manufactured especially to meet the requirements of Homag-Sawtech. Dead capital represented by large stocking of cables and plugs has thus become a thing of the past.

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