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Preassembled energy supply system for the automation

In examples from the logisitics for the meat processing industry, a specialist for the automation of pharmacies, as well as an automatic raw material feeder system, the individual advantages of preassembled energy supply systems are very clear.

Logistics in the food industry

The company Dörfel KG based at Fellbach near Stuttgart has been using igus® energy supply systems with great success in their products for the storage and handling technology in the meat processing industry. The readychain® system shows off its strength in the product sector of the storage and retrieval units for high-bay warehouses for sometime now. The handling of the long travel and the insertion of the cables invariably led to defects in the past. By the preassembly, potential weak points can be reduced to an absolute minimum. The standardization came to Dörfel as well. The complete facility is composed of building blocks. The filling of the energy supply thereby remains the same; just the chain length varies.
Initially there was skepticism around the topic "preassembly" due to the numerous cables. Today it is difficult to imagine another method; the concept is proven and tested every day. The stoppage risk of the plant is minimized. The energy supply systems are duly available. At Dörfel, the economic advantage was most convincing, as the installation time of three days was reduced to an unbeatable four hours.

Wide know-how in the narrowest spaces

The company Mach4 based at Bochum focuses on the automation of pharmacies - a future market in Germany. Sought-after downtown space is expensive, ground plan and structure of the sales areas vary strongly. The system for handling medicines must therefore be extremely compact and individually implemented.
With its high performance, ready assembled energy supply systems, igus® contributes to the good technical data of the plant and at the same time minimizes installation expenses. The complete program is thereby construed for high requirements: 19,000 products on average, a travel speed of 4 m/s and an acceleration of 2.5 m/s², everything in up to 13 m travel and about 600 to 2,000 infeed and outfeed procedures daily. To keep the handling straightforward and to create space for the medicines, the design advantages, which is primarily the compact modular system as well as the narrow bending radii, are completely utilized. "readychain® functions very smoothly in this application - almost a million cycles per year anyhow.

Modular concept for more growth

Processing of sensitive bulk materials under hygienic conditions requires a lot of experience. In order to meet the high demands placed on all plant components, Osterburken-based AZO firstly uses only vendor parts supplied by market leaders. Secondly, the company pursues a clear strategy of quality optimisation and cost minimisation. Consequently, central plant components such as weighing units, metering units, supply units or mixing units are only available in modular form. At the beginning of this development cable guiding chains and cables from different providers had to be coordinated. The cables were not up to the loads involved, there were core ruptures and "corkscrews". For this reason, complete harnessed energy supply systems are also employed here today. As an exporting company, UL approval of the cables was additionally of importance to AZO. Even applications in explosion risk areas can be achieved using ESD energy supply systems. In order to save costly space in plant construction, the company exploits the small bending radii provided by the energy supply systems. The many benefits of harnessed energy supply cables can be seen at AZO. Costs savings arise from fixed delivery dates, there are no warehousing costs and less capital is tied up. As a systems supplier, igus® assumes full technical responsibility. While, in the past, employees spent days fitting cables, today finished energy supply systems are delivered just in time directly to the plant being assembled. Furthermore, igus® provides support on site if any problems arise.

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