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Energy chains for robots

The energy supply system triflex® R has been developed specially for sophisticated multi-axis robots. Due to its high tensile force absorption, the energy chain runs smoothly in all axes, and the high flexibility enables a rotation of about ±10° per chain link with complicated motions in the vertical axes.
twisterchain is used for circular and spiral movements. Tough, quiet, for high loads and rotations of to 540°.
Typical industries and applications: robots, handling machines, packaging machines...

Energy chain for robots  


triflex® R

triflex® R  
Movements in three axes

  • Inner height (fillable): 10 to 46.8
  • Ideal for demanding multi-axis movement
  • High torsion resistance
  • Easy to lengthen and shorten
  • Defined torsion stop-dog and minimum bend radius
  • Large number of options available
  • iF Design Award 2004, 2007 & 2013

twisterchain, new

twisterchain, new

Current generation

Tough, quiet, for high loads, can turn up to 540°

  • Inner height: 28 to 56mm
  • Crossbars openable along inner radius
  • Stronger; higher fill weights possible
  • 25% less weight that the previous twisterchain
  • Highly dynamic and quieter running (with new trough)
  • Smooth cable-friendly interior
  • Successfully tested for over 1 million cycles in the igus® laboratory
  • Rotary speeds of up to 1m/s and more, rotary/spiral movements up to 540° (360° from stock)



Predecessor model of the twisterchain, new

Circular and spiral movements

  • Inner height: 28 to 56mm
  • Openable along inner and outer radius
  • Classic version


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