New generation - twisterchain new - Rugged, quiet, for high loads

Higher loads and smoother running

The new generation of twisterchain new circular chains enabled significantly improved smooth running in combination with higher stability. The twisterchain new has a modular construction for width, height and radius, and therefore provides very flexible use in applications where rotary movements of up to 540° and more are required as well as in robust solutions.

  • Stronger; higher fill weights possible
  • 25% less weight than the previous twisterchain
  • Rotary speeds of up to 1m/s or more
  • Circular and spiral movements of up to 540°
  • Highly dynamic and smoother running (with new trough)
  • Smooth cable-friendly interior
  • Crossbars openable along inner radius
  • Successfully tested for over 1 million cycles in the igus® laboratory (03/2010)

Typical industries and applications
  • Robots, handling machines
  • Packaging machines
  • Glass machines
  • General mechanical engineering etc.

Picture twisterchain new for circular motions up to 540°, snap-open crossbars in the inner radius
Picture The cable-optimised intermediate link increases the stability of the new twisterchain. At the same time it serves as an interior separator and divides the filling space into two chambers.
Diagram Y = Max. additional load [kg/m]
A = new generation twisterchain new
B = old version twisterchain Classic

100% more additional load with the new generation of the igus® twisterchain new

Selection criteria

Notes on the design of the twisterchain new.

twisterchain new 3D-CAD

Generation of complete twisterchain 3D models

twisterchain new guide troughs

New generation of twisterchain guide troughs - save assembly time, costs - increase service life!

robotic equipment configurator

Equipment support for various types of robots. Simplified ordering of complete systems.

Snap-open in the inner radius

Series TC32

Inner height hi: 32 mm
Inner widths Bi: 87,5 - 150 mm
bending radii R: 100 - 250 mm
Pitch: 56 mm

Series TC42

Inner height hi: 42 mm
Inner widths Bi: 87,5 - 200 mm
bending radii R: 100 - 250 mm
Pitch: 67 mm

Series TC56

Inner height hi: 56 mm
Inner widths Bi: 125 - 200 mm
bending radii R: 150 - 400 mm
Pitch: 91 mm

New guide trough system - type 01

The new Twister guide trough minimizes the previously time-consuminng alignment. Assembly time is reduced from 6h to 2h. While reducing noise levels, travel speed can be increased, thanks to an almost all plastic design.

Circular motions possible up to 540° (with special mounting parts)

UL94-V0 Classifications on request

New guide trough system - Type 01 available