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Installation-friendly energy chains for indoor cranes

The elaborate roof construction in the Therme Bad Wörishofen is an example for the application of e-chain® in special designs

Undercarriage for pool builders

The company Bang constructed an undercarriage for the 40 m x 40 m moveable roof of the Therme in Bad Wörishofen. The end switch and motors get the necessary control signals and energy through up to 25 chainflex® cables which run in the e-chain®.
Thanks to the design with e-chain®, about 100 meters of cable could be saved and the weight of the roof was reduced. The application of energy chains was inevitable here as the cable routes had to be minimized due to the limited space on offer. Only the space of a meter was available. Moreover, less cross sections were used.

The harsh environmental conditions of the Therme have not posed a problem for the maintenance-free roof structure since several years.

igus® E2 type series Energy chain in indoor cranes

Aluminum guide trough

In spite of the sophisticated technology, it is optically a most suitable solution which copes well with the adverse conditions. The environmental conditions in the Therme are harsh: The water treated with oxygen and chlorine gives rise to an aggressive mixture. To counter the threat of corrosion, an aluminum guide trough was selected for the energy chain. The solution with the energy supply simply proved itself. And when the roof is opened today, it moves like by magic.

For Bang Kransysteme GmbH & Co. KG, energy chains of the E2 type, Series 250 and 350/3500, were used.

Semi-finished crane structure, igus® energy chain Energy chain of the E2/000 system

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