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50 mill. cycles - Quick return on investment

Energy supply systems for knitting machines provide for quality and flexibility.

Not only high-quality outer garments are knitted on this machine, but also for example platinum catalyzers. In all cases, there is an excellent mesh structure. In addition, factors like productivity, economy and ease of use play an important role. Energy supply systems prove their strengths here - especially as the ambient conditions are often very demanding.

Every consumer knows the abbreviation "PP" or "PA": They stand for polypropylene and polyamide. But "HS" for Rosshaar, "WM" for Mohair instead of Klinsmann, or "WP" for Alpaka are less known. In all cases these are yarn designations, which can be processed on the flat knitting machines of the H. Stoll GmbH & Co. KG. Whether accessories, fully fashion or finished item: There is the right machine for every requirement.

As the textile machines are mainly supplied abroad, reliability among other things is a major concern. They should be productive, economical and reliable in operation under all circumstances and ambient conditions. Even the smallest error in the μ range would be promptly seen in the mesh structure. A special focus is on the components that are to be used. The energy supply systems of the igus® GmbH from Cologne have proved their worth since the beginning of the 90s. The cables and hoses that should function smoothly even after 50 million cycles lie inside these systems. In the meantime, over 30,000 energy supply systems, always highly dependent on the application, were successfully used in the entire product range in flat knitting machines.

Textile machines

The flat knitting machine CMS 730 S knit&wear from Stoll was introduced in 2005. It is, like all machines of this type series, compatible and flexible to use and guarantees a perfect knitting quality.

Flat knitting machines for industrial application

Though the demand for knitwear is primarily very high in the USA, the individual knitter get very little for his product. The pricing pressure is correspondingly high, which naturally has an impact on the machine manufacturer. Short set-up and setting times, high maintenance-friendliness and various working widths distinguish the Stoll flat knitting machines. They are constructed in such a way that in continuous operation they render excellent quality, which means a uniform, pretty mesh structure. As a rule they operate the whole year seven days a week round the clock, so that the return on investment is reached fast due to the capacity utilization. The knitting machines are as a rule for series production, so that in principle all popular yarn types - from cotton, wool (including silk), artificial fibers, up to rubber fibers - can be processed.

For example, the so-called "knit & wear" items could be knitted with the CMS flat knitting machine of the latest generation. There are no side seams any more, the pullover is finished by the machine. The individual knitting period is dependent on the pattern, yarn and the mesh width. It can take an hour or more. The knitting machine should be basically fail-safe and at the same time highly productive in continuous operation with a tidy mesh quality. As the employees are not always trained according to the state-of-the-art technology, simple operation too plays a significant role in all languages. Whereas in Germany an industrial flat knitting machine works rather under cleanroom conditions, the application conditions in China are very bad in parts. Besides heat, the individual setup in each location also plays a role here. The machines are basically in contact with air with oil particles. Brightening is in the neighborhood. That is a chemical process for dyeing yarns and cloth. Moreover there are fine and finer materials in the yarn types which blow over the machine base and the energy supply system.

Textile machines

Always aligned to specific applications, more than 30,000 energy supply systems have been mounted so far in flat knitting machines. One of the main requirements is that they function smoothly even after years of use.

50 mill. movement cycles and more

The demands on the used energy supply systems are correspondingly high. With the quick carriage reversal, even sophisticated finished products can be implemented in a flash. The speed and the individual position on the needle bed is based on the respective knitted fabric. The energy supply system carrying the copper cables and hoses should last many years without any problem. It should not break under any circumstances. Speeds of 10 m/s² in normal range up to 20 m/s² with quick stops come into application. The carriage speed is about 1.4 m/s. - Movement cycles of 50 mill. pieces are no rarities!

The energy supply systems from igus®, Cologne, are used in all Stoll flat knitting machines. After some technical advancements, the company almost exclusively decided on the 27i series. In the course of the varying requirements, some modifications were undertaken. To prevent enhanced abrasion during the quick access times, for example, the composition of the plastic was altered. That is noticeable in holding times and ultimately in the service life. Here, very importantly, the long years of partnership become significant. Both companies work in close cooperation. All technical problems are jointly debated and argued to find the optimal energy chain solution. Not only were the speeds of the flat knitting machines significantly enhanced in recent years, the additional quick carriage reversal also had consequences for the modified requirements on the machine elements. In limited installation dimensions and continuous accelerations, the energy supply system displays its strength as the important component. It is a stable energy chain of medium size. It can be opened in the inner radius and is easy to mount. In addition it is corrosion-resistant, which pays the customer during the stipulated use for years.

Textile machines

The energy supply system cannot afford a failure with high accelerations and partly bad environmental conditions, like e.g. extreme heat and air with oil particles.

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