Shore connection: gangway

igus® shore power connection for the LNG power barge

Shore connection: gangway

tailor-made ... for external tidal range ... with passenger gangway

Thanks to the LNG HYBRID barge "Hummel" (a floating LNG power station from Becker Marine Systems), in future cruise ships will be supplied with power while docked at the port. The barge is connected to the quay via a gangway, a complete solution from igus®.
The igus® shore power gangway is used for the transfer of person from board to the quay. Additionally a cable management system is integrated into this gangway to deploy 4 heavy medium voltage cables with connectors.
Once the gangway has been docked and the energy chain has been pulled out, the plugs are connected to large power supply boxes on the quay. The system also compensates for the constant movements of the barge. Thus, the gangway is constantly in motion, to compensate for swells and tidal fluctuations of up to 8 m.

Gangway with integrated power supply system

Gangway is height adjustable and telescopic

Automatic compensation of tidal fluctuations and swells

Energy chain is extended to connect plug

Certified by Bureau Veritas


Combined use as cable guidance system and passenger gangway

Chain extension for heavy medium voltage cables with connectors

Cables are guided reliably and secure thanks to the e-chain®

Energy chain is extended to connect plug

Certified by Bureau Veritas

Shore connection: gangway
Shore connection: gangway


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