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Open E2/000 e-chains® in a flash with the new mounting tool

Simple tool - high value - saves time

New design of interior separators for the igus® E2/000 all-round energy chain range. Open and close a long piece of chain in one go. The ideal tool for your own mounting or assembly lines to minimize the processing time significantly.

Reduce the installation time to open a chain from 33 sec to 2 sec *

For E2/000 range (2400/2500, 2600/2700, 3400/3500)

Opening and closing of long chain units in one go

*(tested series 2700.07)

Reduce installation times drastically

(*tested series 2700.07)

Without mounting tool = 33 sec.
With the igus® e-chains® opener = 2 sec.

iF Design prize for mounting tool

 Part No.for seriesfor widths Bi [mm] 
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