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QuickChain.100 - e-chains® Expert with cable finder

With the e-chains® expert, you can configure complete e-chainsystems® for short or long travels and hanging applications. Simply select cables for interior separation in your application, enter the specific and ambient parameters of your application, and the e-chains® expert will propose suitable solutions for your e-chain® and internal separation system. The e-chains® expert will also indicate the anticipated service life, provide a complete parts list, show the total price and indicate the foreseeable delivery time for your configuration. You can therefore order your configuration easily and quickly directly from the expert.

e-chains® expert QuickChain.100
e-chains® expert QuickChain.100

Cables selected in other igus applications, such as in the chainflex® product finder, can be transferred to the e-chain® expert, where you can configure a suitable e-chain®

As a trained customer, you can use the e-chains® expert in "power mode" to gain access to special features that are not provided in the publicly accessible version.

Configuration workflow implemented as a new feature in "power mode": You can send your configuration to an igus® employee, who will check the configuration and then approve it or return it to you with comments for you to re-examine.

The anticipated service life is now also calculated and displayed for the cables used.

Thanks to the issue of the anticipated service life of the overall system, e-chain® solutions can be easily compared with each other, taking the chosen cables into account.

You can now reduce the choice of chainflex® cables and e-chains® to those chainflex® and e-chains® parts stored in your personal "myigus" area, thus providing a better overview - very useful for frequently repeated configurations with similar fillings

New series such as triflex® TRE.50, E4.31L, E4.38L, E4.48L, R4.31L, R4.38L, R4.48L

From now on, you can complete the configuration of your e-chain® with a suitable strain relief. Depending on the mounting bracket of the e-chain®, you can choose between cable tiewraps, clamps and many more.


Extension for long travels by the PPDS system and by the floating moving end. If the selection criteria are set correctly, the system is offered as a supplementary option and can be ordered with the configuration.

Extension to the fixed end module in the guide troughs

Extension by FTA floating moving end as an option for gliding applications

twisterchain new in the interior separation configurator

TRLF in the interior separation configurator


Extension by the series twisterband and easy triflex®

In addition, many small optimisations such as

expansion of the mounting brackets, so that selection of "complete set including tiewrap plates", "complete set including tiewrap plates and 10 cable ties" and "complete set" is possible.

Series 10 and B15 for installation type "gliding" added

Selection of laying troughs for the installation type "unsupported"

Mounting brackets for triflex® R can be selected

Adoption of RAL colours of the cables


Easily configure inner separation for RX tubes

Quick and easy creation of interior separation for the triflex® R and RX tubes systems. After selecting the cables they can be added to the chain cross section simply by dragging and dropping. The shelving configurator creates a parts list of the e-chain® and the cables contained in the configuration. The configurations can be saved and reloaded. The entire configuration can be transferred to the shopping cart by a click.

Quick and easy inner configuration

Takes the max. filling cross section and cablendiameter into account

Creating partlists

Simple inquiry and order function


triflex® R internal separation configurator

Quickly and easily create inner seperation interior separation for the triflex® R TRC, TRE and TRL systems. Depending on the selected cables, these can be simply added to the chain cross section by dragging and dropping. The inner separation configurator creates a list of parts for the e-chain® and the cables are included in the configuration. The configurations can be saved and re-loaded. The whole configuration can be transferred to the shopping cart by one click.

Quick and easy inner configuration

Takes the max. filling cross section and cable diameter into account

Creating list of parts

Simple inquiry and order function

Now also available as an OFF-LINE version


Besides many small improvements to the Expert for e-chains®, the interior separation configurator has now been integrated. Using it has been made much simpler by this extension. The interior separation options proposed by the Expert can be immediately adapted to the user's special requirements.

It is now possible to configure a complete e-chain system® with all the components for short and long travel distances and completely design it in one application.

Another new feature is that, at the end of the configuration, the user is given a complete parts lists for the configuration including a drawing of the interior separation. Apart from the e-chain®, the parts list contains the suitable mounting brackets, cables and, in the case of long travel distances, the guide trough system as well. Furthermore, the Expert can calculate the estimated service life, the total price of the configuration and the estimated delivery time.

Overview of the new functions:

Integration of the interior separation configurator

it is now also possible to use pneumatic and hydraulic cables as a "free" cable

Sort function for cables in the interior separation

Cable properties such as inscription and projection lengths can be subsequently changed

Mirror asymmetrical interior separation elements in the interior separation configurator

Create a PDF document of the configuration parts list

Convenient function of resetting individual contents of the configuration

Display the total price and the delivery time*

Improved link to the shopping cart: the entire parts list can be checked in the Expert and transferred to the shopping cart on request


Configuration of complete e-chain systems®

Lifetime calculation

Display the total price and the delivery time*

Function for saving and loading configurations

3D CAD link

* not for all products and not available in all countries


Now also configure e-chains® with cables in a team

An e-chain system® with cables is a complex components, which is often not completely designed by a single developer. The new teamwork function in the Expert helps here. You can use the teamwork function to forward the current status of your configuration to a colleague at any time. The configuration can be continued and passed on or also sent back.

easy transfer of part configurations

Configuration of complete e-chain systems®

Lifetime calculation

Display the total price and the delivery time*

Easy possibility for query and order

Now with cable selection and automatic filling

Calculation and layout of energy chains for the use in unsupported, gliding and hanging applications; other types of applications will follow shortly

After entering travel, speed, acceleration and additional load, the e-chains® expert proposes to you the right e-chain® for your application

with integrated chainflex® cable finder, configure "free" cables, enter additional load

In design and environment, you can give further details as to environmental conditions such as chemicals, dirt and temperature

The new performance-optimization module refers to errors and provides tips to find the right e-chain® even for difficult applications

With integrated service life calculation for the unsupported and gliding applications

With direct links to the online catalog with many more details

Configurations can be saved and loaded again for re-editing