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Great cinema with igus®

Extract from an interview with Jean-Philippe Moreaux, chief outfitter of the film

Was it difficult to procure equipment parts for the film? No, we were very lucky to have many partners. Saint-Gobain was very helpful, and so was igus, a company which manufactures fabulous energy chains for robots in the automotive industry. They delivered elements which routed the cables very well, absolutely great things. It's a highly complex technology and to build Syncortex in such a way, we are grateful partly to igus, the company supplied all elements which we assembled to make certain components, like the helmet for example. For it, I wanted to have only genuine stuff, I wanted only real materials, because it makes a difference in the processing. For the film we used only top-quality materials, like metal, glass, steel, etc. If glass is used, there is such a transparency, such great reflections that one cannot have artificial things alongside. It cost us a great lot of time to find the right partners, but ultimately the collaboration clicked wonderfully well. It is great for such partner firms to be part of such a film, as it plays in the future, and to be present in the future is a plus point for brands.

Used products

triflex® R

triflex® R - 3D e-chain® specially made for robotic applications

iF design award for "TRC" and "TRL" designs


E4/4 - special feature: High stability "mounted on the side" - very long travels

DryLin® W

DryLin® W - For almost unlimited leeway in design

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