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igus® Installation

We undertake the housing, design, assembling and delivery up to the complete installation of your energy chain system at your facility on site:

Inclusion of local conditions by igus® specialist

Quoting a fixed price

Fast and accurate installation by qualified specialist personnel

Laying of cables up to the strain relief, fixed installation on request up to the control box

Everything up to installation from a single manufacturer, with guarantee*


igus® supervisor service

We offer qualified and active assembly support for your staff during your own installation:

Support by igus® specialists for your own installation of your energy chain system

Briefing and training of your installation, maintenance and service personnel for installation of your energy chain system, or general training of your personnel for maintenance work on the energy chain system

Final check of your installation


igus® inspection

We undertake the inspection of your energy supply system. The inspection includes measures to assess the current condition of your energy supply system, with the aim of optimizing or upgrading the energy supply system to extend the service life of your system:

Evaluation of the technical condition of energy chains, guide troughs, cables and strain relief systems

Testing of the mechanical functions

Assessment, measurement and evaluation of wear parts

Determination of repair and maintenance needs

Reporting deficiencies and risks

Advice on action to be taken

Suggestions for optimization

Documentation of condition of the system in the test report


igus® maintenance

We undertake the maintenance of your energy chain system. Maintenance means a preventive measure and consists of the regular inspection of your energy chain system in order to prolong the service life of your system and to promptly detect and fix potential damages:

Setting or adjusting of cables and strain relief

Testing of the mechanical functions of energy chains, guide troughs and brackets

Random testing of fittings and torquesLubrication (e.g. floating moving end) according to the respective maintenance manuals

Removal of dirt and impurities, which could affect the reliability of the system

Assessment, measurement and evaluation of wear parts

Determination of repair needs

Documentation of condition of the system in the maintenance manual

Reporting deficiencies and risks

Advice on action to be taken


igus® modernization

In the course of operation of large systems (e.g. cranes), the requirements for components such as the energy supply system (energy chain, drag cable, festooning, busbars or tender systems) change and often much higher maintenance and operating costs accrue in older plants:


The modernization and retrofit concepts of igus® enlarge the application area, increase reliability and system availability, reduce costs and energy consumption and set new standards in terms of service life:


Installation service enquiry

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* Guarantee applies to failing igus® components relating to wear according to technical parameters yet to be agreed.

** igus® assembly service is not available in all countries to the described extent. Please ask your local representative.


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