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drylin® room linear robot

The modular system of the drylin linear robot series ensures that the cost-effective linear robots slide smoothly without any lubricant

The requirements for motorised adjustments are becoming ever more demanding, installation spaces are reducing in size and customised solutions are sought for many systems. The room linear robot solutions from igus® are available as individual or standard variants that can be delivered within 24 hours.
Technical data:

  • Load capacity: 50N
  • Repetition accuracy: 0.8mm
  • Max. speed: 0.5m/s
  • Max. acceleration: 1.5m/s²
  • Working area: 3000mmx300mmx750mm

drylin room linear robot DLE-RG  

All advantages of the igus® room linear robots

Implement three-dimensional linear applications

  • Easy installation
  • Proximity switch mounting by means of T slot along the entire length of the section
  • Ready-to-use modular kit with cantilever axis
  • Everything from one source

Typical application areas:
  • Measurement and testing 
  • Handling and assembly technology
  • Identification in microelectronics and medical technology
  • Tasks in the handling of small parts
  • Simple handling tasks

Linear robots with defined stroke lengths in 24 hours

Configure and request individual room linear robot

Ask for your individual room linear robot online and send us the request form you have filled in. We would also be happy to assist you with a telephone consultation.

Request an individual room linear robot

Request an individual room linear robot  
Technology up with igus room linear robot  

  • Loads up to 5kg
  • Precision requirements up to approx. 0.2mm
  • Speeds up to max. 0.5 m/s
  • Insensitive to dirt because it is lubrication-free

Save costs with igus room linear robots  
Cost down

  • Cost-effective complete systems with motors, couplings and other accessories
  • Simple, modular design
  • Everything from one source
  • Simple programming and control system through igus® Robot Control

Advantages of igus room linear robots are proven  

igus room linear robots are sustainable  

  • 100% clean operation
  • No need to wash out grease and oil in the cleaning process
  • Lubrication-free and maintenance-free
  • igus supports the circular economy of plastics and is investing in chemical recycling. Learn more about this topic at: Plastic2Oil

igus® linear robot in the application

Linear robot system automates research tasks

The MAPLE-PRO robot system from Flysorter automates the sorting of fruit flies for use in research laboratories. In this process, the animals are sucked in between the modules by a suction robot and sorted. Here the company relies on modular automation components from igus.

More about the application.

XYZ linear robot for maintenance-free cleaning system

The Camping Butler of W+F Engineering GmbH is used as a fully automatic cleaning system for septic tanks on camping sites.  Inside the Camping Butler is a drylin room linear robot that turns, empties and cleans the tank. The crux of the matter: all components from igus are lubrication-free, maintenance-free and corrosion-free and are therefore ideally suited for the hygienic cleaning system.

More about the application.

Linear robot control system with software  

igus® Robot Control

Complete Robot Control systems with software

This set provides you with an intuitive control system for your drylin® E linear robot. With the corresponding software, you can programme and move the robot via a graphical user interface.

Go to robot control system with software

The motor control system for your room linear robot

Select, click, control...

Travel distances, positions, speeds, operating times - easily defined with the new igus® web-based control system for drylin® E linear systems.

Go to D1 motor control system

Motor control system dryve D1 for stepper motors, direct-current motors and EC motors  

The simple assembly of the igus® room linear robots

Useful information about the setup

Installation instructions room linear robot


Assembly instructions / proximity switch kits



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